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hsHenrik Sandin, who is an entrepeuneur which specialises in the field of gaming and gambling, and has been involved in all aspects of gaming systems

Special accomplishments

  • invented, the modern VLT system(server based gaming for wide area networked slot machines)
  • Created the business case for Boss Media’s IVT (Interactive Video Terminal) system.
  • Original author of Boss Media’s backend software (the Pitboss)
  • co-founded essnet interactive(now its now called ace interactive since it was bought by aristocrat pty ltd)
  • awarded employee of the century in november 2008 in boss media(G2)
  • founded zest networks in 2009(an italian vlt company)
software development experience:

  • database driven applications,
  • business contingency
  • high performance client/server
  • product development
  • business development
  • web technologies
  • network infrastructure
  • system design/architecture
  • slot-machine hardware.


curing cancer
book:the one-armed Bandit
perpetual motion machine


name Henrik Sandin
cell: +46 708936924

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skype: henriksan
email henrik@sandin.it